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Friday, March 03, 2006

I am so "Neo"...

Διαβάστε παρακάτω για το Neo@Ogilvy, καθώς και αυτά που είπε ο CEO του WPP Group, Martin Sorrell , λόγια που δίνουν καθαρά το στίγμα του Ομίλου - "Sorrell Sees New Media Challenges".


OgilvyOne Worldwide announced the launch of its global digital and direct media network, Neo@Ogilvy. Under the leadership of Global CEO, Nasreen Madhany, the unit operates in all major world markets and is rapidly expanding through targeted acquisitions, partnerships and talent recruitment.

“Neo@Ogilvy” stands for “new” and is symbolic of the many new forms of media opportunities and engagements that Neo will bring to Ogilvy and our clients throughout the world,” said Brian Fetherstonhaugh, Chairman and CEO of OgilvyOne Worldwide. “We have a tremendous leadership team led by Nasreen Madhany and a growing network of offices around the world, already making Neo@Ogilvy a clear leader in the digital and new media space.”

Neo@Ogilvy manages digital media investment for top global clients such as American Express, Cisco, DuPont, IBM, Lenovo, SAP, and Yahoo!. It covers digital advertising and direct marketing, digital and direct TV, direct response print and mail, email marketing, search marketing and new forms of digital media such as blogs and vlogs.

The network has been established at a time when digital media investment is growing at three times the rate of total advertising spending, with accelerated growth rates occurring in all geographic regions.

“Digital media is a growth business and one that must be closely aligned with the creative process,” noted Nasreen Madhany, Global CEO of Neo@Ogilvy and Global Head of Digital Content, OgilvyOne Worldwide. “As part of the Ogilvy network, we are uniquely advantaged to work in partnership with Ogilvy companies to deliver big ideas that cross all media channels for our clients.”

The digitalization of media and the increased power of the consumer to control media consumption have created an entirely new playing field for marketing communications.

Neo@Ogilvy is a full-service digital and direct media company. It is part of OgilvyOne Worldwide, the strongest, most experienced and most highly awarded one-to-one marketing network in the world, with over 110 offices in 56 countries. It provides clients with a full range of direct, consulting and interactive services to deliver profitable customer relationships. OgilvyOne Worldwide is a unit of The Ogilvy Group, which is part of WPP Group plc (NASDAQ: WPPGY), one of the world's largest communications services groups.


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