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Friday, December 09, 2005

The Best Of 2005

Ανακοινώθηκαν τα Best of 2005 του BuisnessWeek. Αξίζει να αφιερώσετε λίγη ώρα να διαβάστε και να δείτε απίστευτα innovations.

“Wow, what a year! In 2005 the business world moved to the music of innovation. There were more revolutionary changes in more markets sparked by more breakthrough ideas than at any time since, well, the golden '90s.”

Πάντως εγώ ψηφίζω το απίστευτο Cyber-Trainer!

“If you can get the Sony PlayStation 2 away from the kids, here's a video game for the older set. Priced under $50, it's a video workout program. But unlike usual fitness flicks, the EyeToy camera puts you on the TV screen, often next to a personal trainer who guides and assesses your performance.”


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