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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

In: "Absurdly Cool" Site for Nestea Ice

Ένα ενδιαφέρων (και «ψιλοπαλαβό»…) brand site για το Nestea Ice. Ειδικά οι ήχοι και τα games που περιλαμβάνει βγάζουν πολύ γέλιο.

“Newport Beach's Juxt Interactive recently unveiled a wacky new site for Nestea Ice. While the tea is being positioned as "absurdly cold," the site itself is a carnival of Monty Python-style absurdity -- from whimsical illustrations to photo-real cutouts to sound effects made by some guy clicking his tongue.
And there's plenty to do. Users can create t-shirts and posters, follow the adventures of an ice-cube-headed rapper or watch a short film featuring El Yielazo, a masked wrestler on a crusade against hotness.”


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