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Thursday, October 21, 2004

In: Boston pops ... champagne!

Αυτά δεν έχουν ξαναγίνει!!! Να γυρίσει παιχνίδι από 0-3 σε 4-3… και όμως οι Boston Red Sox τα κατάφεραν απέναντι στους New York Yankees. Ιστορική νίκη που έκανε τους Βοστονέζους να κάψουν την πόλη. Όποιος έχει ζήσει εκεί μπορεί να καταλάβει τι έγινε…

“NEW YORK -- In hindsight, perhaps it was a mistake for the Yankees to raise a "Mission Accomplished" banner above their dugout after Game 3.
After more than 80 years of being stuffed into their lockers by the Yankees, after eight decades of receiving atomic wedgies, after generations of having sand-kicked in their faces and their girlfriends stolen away -- and most importantly -- after completing the most extraordinary comeback in baseball history, the Boston Red Sox have finally overcome their hated nemesis to reach the World Series.”


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